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Hop strainer for whole flower hops TYP HOPVIC

The story of Victory's hop strainers

In 2010  we got a request from Victory Brewing Co. if it is possible for us to build a fully automated hop strainer for 154 lb of natural hops.


  • Build for a load of 154 lb  whole flower hops
  • Cast out time maximum 6 minutes
  • No oxygen uptake
  • Much more efficiency as the existing system
  • Design of piping: Hop strainer in mainstream with a bypass for extract control as well as to use for late hopping after the wort cooler

After two weeks with test runs of all kind of different hop mixtures and temperatures we decided to realize this project. 

After Three month of engineering and fabrication of all needed parts, the hop strainer got delivered and installed in 2011 on top of the lauter tun. This position allows to get the hops out on the same time as the spent grain.

It took us only six brews to achieve the desired results.

We were surprised by the results of the lab:

  • The oxygen content was within the permissible range.
  • The efficiency of hop leaching was up to 40 % higher than that of the previously installed system, depending on the type of beer.

Based of these results, we received an order to build the new hop strainer for a 530 lb load for the new Victory project in Parkesburg.

This project was realized with great success in 2012, as reported in the BRAUINDUSTRIE in 8/2016.

Since start-up both hop strainers run reliably without any problems.

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